X Slides Even Further, Reddit Adding Ads AI, Google Podcasts Are No More.

X Slides Even Further, Reddit Adding Ads AI, Google Podcasts Are No More.

Hopefully, you all survived the great Fool's Day of 2024. There were the usual shenanigans from many large tech companies and those "pranks" from creators who tried their hand at the fun, but it didn't land how they thought it would. Typically I find this day one in which anything and everything is fake, and not to be trusted.

What you can look forward to each week is this newsletter. I decided that there was a lot of information outside of the perview on what I typiccaly cover that I believed would affect many within the creator. Of course, this isn't what is usually found within the 2TonWaffle but, there's no harm in including it.

Live Streaming Platform News

Creator Equipment News & Updates

  • Microsoft Decouples Teams From its Office 365 Commercial Plans Globally to “Ensure Clarity”, Thurrott
  • CommanderRoot report on the end of Q1 2024, CommanderRoot
  • StabilityAI chief resigns, raising doubts about AI start-up’s future, ArsTechnica

Tid Bits of Note

  • What we know about the xz Utils backdoor that almost infected the world, ArsTechnica
  • A simple explainer on Threads and Federation, SixColors
  • Google Podcasts shuts down tomorrow, April 2, ArsTechnica

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