LiveSpace Experiments, Microphones, Indie Games, and AI!

LiveSpace Experiments, Microphones, Indie Games, and AI!

Wanting to say thank you to those who are subscribed to this newsletter, it means a lot to me. Sharing the knowledge and experience of what I've been finding with a wider audience is somewhat therapeutic. Knowing that I can help just one person is enough.

I also wanted to have in this newsletter that the community forums are open and can be found at Indie Basement and are there for anyone looking for assistance, tutorials, or wanting to find an indie game to enjoy.

Live Streaming Platform News

  • LiveSpace continues to change its homepage and channel pages with more experimentation. What are your thoughts on these recent changes?
  • Creators Raise More Questions About X’s Monetization Opportunities (SocialMedia Today) I still question why people would remain on Xtwitter when there are more networking avenues available to them now.
  • How To for production quality Peertube installs. LoudLemur posted over on the Peertube forum looking for people who might have some experience with installing features to help make a Peertube instance better. Forum Thread Link

Creator Equipment News & Updates

  • New updates for Matrix with the ability to add more contact information about your home server.
  • YouTube Renews Premier Sponsorship of the OBS Project, blog post
  • Ton Buck looks into the Fifine AM8 budget mic. YouTube Video

Podcast Rundown - Independent Creator Podcast

AI and Content Creation - Embracing the Future

  • Using AI as a useful tool for your content creation workflow is not a bad thing.
  • AI does cause demand for its use to be the sole source for whatever you might be working on. The laziness factor as it were.
  • Just like a hammer is a great tool for building things, it too can be used for destructive means. Find the good in its use and be safe with it. AI is here to stay.

Tid Bits of Note

  • More than half of US gamers say publishers need to stamp out harassment in games, source
  • Six One Indie Showcase released their semiannual video featuring 39 new and upcoming games
  • Teaching writers when and how to use generative AI to create helpful content. SearchEngine Land

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