Fresh, New Ecamm Update v4.2.1

Fresh, New Ecamm Update v4.2.1

Ecamm just released version 4.2 not that long ago and, already we're getting some more improvements to the overall experience.

Here's what's included in v4.2.1

  • Adds a new warning message when disk space is getting low while recording.
  • Fixes an issue where the Start Video From Last Position feature did not work properly when in Preview Mode.
  • Fixes an issue where the Go To Next Scene feature may not work when movie playback ends.
  • Fixes an issue where overlays with drop shadows could cause rendering issues on Intel Macs.
  • Other minor fixes.

Some minor things:

  • Some better UI and messages around updating virtual cam
  • Key commands changes for vertical safe zone and new rectangle overlay since there were conflicts with other key commands.
  • When an IG stream ends after an hour we’ll display a better error message.
  • Fix for a preview mode transition issue pointed out by Tim Pennington-Russell