BeepBot 15-2-24 Change Log

BeepBot 15-2-24 Change Log

A new change log is always a great thing to see as it means that the service or platform is continuing to be developed.


  • Feat: Ranks is now open for all to start playing with.
    • Ranks are still in the early design. However, users will naturally earn "hours" while being active. Ranks you add here will be assigned by the system by magic. User(s) can then use the command(s) to see their rank or hours.
    • Note: You still need to enable the tracker(s) for the respective provider on the Ranks page.


  • Feat: Rank command !rank will display the user(s) current rank.
    • The command supports sending an optional username to see their rank.
  • Feat: Hours command !hours/watchtime will display the user(s) hours.

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