Castopod Available On Softaculus

Castopod Available On Softaculus

The open-source podcast hosting platform is now showing up within the Softaculus section of many shared hosting providers' C-Panel installs. This is great to see, as it provides those who are use to CPanel or even a shared hosting provider a way to get into the open-source world of podcast hosting.

What Castopod Is About

The free and open-source solution to your podcasting 2.0 journey. Self-host your podcasts with ease, keep control over what you create and talk to your audience without any middleman. Your podcast and your audience belong to you and you only.
Castopod | Your Free & Open-source Podcast Host
Castopod is a free and open-source hosting platform made for podcasters. Engage and interact with your audience whilst keeping control over your content.

For a while now you could install Castopod on your server if you knew how to do so. There were other ways as well, by using YuNoHost or even Cloudron type of services that did provide a one-click install method. But now, a great option is to see that on these shared hosting providers Cpanels a way for the "normal" site admins to be included.

True in that using shared hosting packages to run your website is probably not the best solution but, it does provide a way for a small site to get into the game. Eventually, down the line, they can move their site and all of the related resources into a VPS or even a managed server.