Welcome To The New!

Welcome To The New!

When I first started the journey of getting into the alternative platform discovery, I wanted to find a better way to share my experience and help others. Taking on the task of creating posts, video content, and podcasts that focused on the new path I was working on, moving this work onto their website was what I thought was a good idea at the time.

This worked out for close to a year but I was already feeling the effects of trying to run two separate entities. With content on indie gaming and the alternative platform being posted to two different sites, social networks, and YouTube channels, the precursor of burnout was starting to creep in. I knew the warning signs before they started to affect the work of my content. Another thing was that the majority of people knew the 2TonWaffle brand while This Indie Creator wasn’t known as much, if at all. All of these decisions led me to direct all of my efforts into one brand over the other.

Spending a few weeks going back and forth on what I should be doing. Go all in on one brand was the outcome that I decided on doing. The next would be which brand, ultimately that was the 2TonWaffle one. I had been looking around at other creators who were in a similar space, or at least close to it, and how they balanced two niches into one brand and worked under a single brand. Wanting to showcase my work within the world of indie gaming and helping other content creators with the alternative platforms aspect brought me to the conclusion that would work in my favor and would give me a lower number of sites to focus more on the content workflow.

With the new 2TonWaffle, indie gaming is still a core but alternative platform exploration will bring another aspect to what I do. A new, revamped newsletter will be released every week, that will bring in news, tips, and reviews from these cores into a great resource. Focusing on the independent creator with blog posts within the revamped website brings a new look and feel to the genre. A Discord community that I believe will bring together all manner of creators, indie game enjoyers, and many more is just one aspect of this new direction.

I hope that the changes will be something people will resonate with knowing that if I help one person, that is the best feeling. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter, join Discord, watch the live streams, and share 2tonwaffle.com with others that you think will find value in what we do here.