Social Media Shake-Up: Evaluating Non-Twitter Platforms for Creators

Social Media Shake-Up: Evaluating Non-Twitter Platforms for Creators

Hello, how's it going everybody?

Ah, welcome. Welcome on in, come on in. I know it started a little early, but not a little early, but it pretty much started on time. As time as I can get it right. No, usually I do these. My show is over at 10 p.m. I decided, no, let's bump it up to 9 p.m. See how that works out, how that shakes out. So, yeah, as you can see, we got a social network-heavy show tonight. We're going to just cover the social networks and something that just happened. Like 20 minutes before I hit the go live. I can't use Twitter. I mean, do I tweet decks anymore?

I'll talk about that at the end of the programming. But yeah, welcome back. This is the Indie Creator Hub. Indie Creator podcast. Independent Creator, I should say. I've decided to go ahead and set it up as an audio podcast as well as a video. It's going to be the Independent Creator. I already have it set up on Apple Podcast. Pocket Cast is pretty much anywhere where you can get Pocket Cast, anywhere where you can get Podcast, you can find the show there. And pretty much on my YouTube channel, it has its playlist right there as well. Because I noticed, the reason why I decided to do it this way is also to incorporate the audio portion as well, because it's a good thing to have, just to put it out there. I mean, I'm already doing a video side of it. It's just another click. download or encode as an audio-only file. So I was like, all right, fine, let's do that. Cause I decided just the video portion might not be just enough. I might not get anybody listening on the audio side, but at least it's there. And it's available for people who are interested in this kind of content. But we're talking about all sorts of stuff for the independent creator that is live streaming. Is content creation, platforms, community platforms, and all manner in between. So yeah, that's what we are doing. So this is technically the second episode. I did have a previous podcast where I did pretty much the same kind of show. It was called The Cliche Crow. I'm like, that's a great name. I'm...keeping it around, but unfortunately, I don't think it resonates as a content creator, independent creator kind of podcast. It's a cliche crow, it's like content creation. Okay, cool. Whatever. So yeah, that is, it's on, I put that off into the archives. I took it off the playlist on the YouTube channel, so it wouldn't show.

I mean, you can still see the old episodes because it's its playlist, but it's not as a podcast playlist as YouTube likes to put it or has it available. So the independent creator, welcome on in. You can find everything about the independent creator if you just go to I also have it linked up. It's a podcast. Indie Creator Hub. So I decided, you know what, let's let's do this right. Let's get all the domains, all the links, everything taken care of and get that sorted before, you know, everything else happens. So, yeah, been working on the Discord and getting that set up or it is set up. It says, you know, if people want to come by and join, that's their prerogative. If you want, if you use Discord, my feeling is to set up a community where people are at about and talk about all these alternative platforms to these people that are on Discord. It's kind of like preaching to the choir if you have a matrix server and talking about alternative platforms on a ready alternative platform. It's just like, go where the people are, convert them, bring them over. It's like a mission. And if you want to go into the religious side of things.

I'm bringing a good word of the alternative platforms to the people where they are. So I got that set up and I had that going and it's pretty much all set. I got to, I think I might have to put in a media forum or thingamabob for this kind of video and post them up into a forum stuff. Unfortunately, I don't have access to the media forum because it's experimental it's so only a certain only certain servers I have it on any basement funny enough but this Indie Creator Hub server is brand new so it didn't it didn't get access to that I don't know if I will or whenever that goes into live, we shall see. Yeah. Let's go ahead and talk about the first topic of the day, which is threads. If you don't know what threads is threads is a Twitter competitor. If you want to say that it is like that, it's from the fine folks over at Meta. If you don't know who Meta is, it's Facebook. It's basically what it is.

Threads is a text version of Instagram. That's pretty much the simplest way to go about explaining it to pretty much anyone curious about threads. It exploded when I first came out that first couple of those first couple of days to like 100 million active and active subscribers, active accounts. And right now it's lost at least 80-something percent as the guesstimations that are being thrown around out there. That is a huge number. But what it is, it shows that there was a need for a lot of people who were, you know, desperate and say, hey, I need some kind of access to something that is not Twitter, because being not Twitter is something that a lot of people are looking for.

Myself included it was something where I was like, I'm tired of Twitter because it's just accessible. It was a continuous dumpster fire pretty much. And when Elon bought it, it turned into even worse. So it's one of those things where, you know, people are desperate, desperate enough that they're willing to go to another place that is, yes, it's controlled by a mega-corporation. Another billionaire has full capability over it.

And a lot of people are saying, you know what, that's OK. I just needed that dopamine effect of a fire hose of stuff being shot at me. It's like, it's just like, especially the first day, the first day was completely insane. It was not just a fire hose. It was like standing underneath Niagara Falls and just getting showered by absolute garbage and crap brands and accounts that you never heard of before. It was just anyone and everyone was just being deluged by anyone and everyone. A lot of people enjoyed that. Hey, whatever floats your boat, that's perfectly okay with me. For me, that was it was like I was constantly going through a block or a mute, mute, mute, mute. I don't care. I don't care. I don't care.

Oh, this mute button is going to get torn up by the time the end of the day hits. But eventually, everything started going around where it was. It was more feasible. It started to incorporate a following feed, a for you page, which is a little bit more manageable. Excuse me. It's a little bit more manageable. And it wasn't this dilution of pretty much everyone coming in after you. It was just a nice stream of people that you followed or that you were interested in. And that was coming into your feed. And then you can also expand from there. They also included a couple of other options. Eventually, this was coming weeks down the line. I think what was happening was that Mark Zuckerberg, I was about to call him Zuck Zuckerberg for some odd reason.

Mark Zuckerberg decided that all this crap that's been going on with Twitter and it's this continuing implosion of shedding of users and advertisers. He was like, you know what? I have this thing. Yes, it's not ready for prime time. Let's go ahead and put it forth to the masses. So that's where we where we looked at at that time. And A lot of people were already in the threads that are like early adapters and stuff like that. Mostly most notably, it was like the large YouTubers and stuff and other like celebrity ish type people that had gained access to the threads app. And they were saying, they were saying, oh, it's fine. This is perfectly this is good until, you know, floodgates open and all of a sudden every brand known to man just came over because they had already left Twitter and they were just floating around in the ether, and when threads came about and said okay let's glomp onto this and let's pour as much as what we used to do on Twitter and we'll do that in threads. And of course, a lot of people were I mean, rightfully so. You don't want to be on a social network and get any data with advertising pretty much from these brands. But thankfully that has, like I said, calmed down a lot. A big problem with the adoption rate for threads was that it is only in the US, North America, South America, and a few countries.

Europe has no access to it because of the simple fact that there are some privacy issues that the EU is blocking threads from coming in, which, hey, you know what? I am perfectly okay with that. If Mark wants to go ahead and get those things taking curves and then it'll appease the EU Commission, then threads can come in. But at the time, it's only...a limited number of countries that it's available in and there is no desktop version of it. There's only the app. You can only view it from your mobile device. That's it. I think that's also what hurt it at the beginning as well because a lot of people were saying, I can't, I want to access it from my computer because I don't want to sit here on my phone. I have a computer right there. Let me have access to it.

No, there is work around there. I should say there are workarounds for it is just you shouldn't have to do workarounds. It should be that you have to have access to it via the mobile web or on your desktop computer. And that's the best thing is that you can find pretty much every other social network has access to multiple ways of accessing it.

So I don't know why they decided to go that route. And there's also the same reason why I think Instagram took forever. I believe it was, I think this was before they were bought out by Facebook at the time, that you couldn't access it on your desktop. And the same thing with TikTok. TikTok, you could not access it on your desktop. I don't know why the companies, do this as a mobile-only burst initiative and it's something that I can see because a lot of large portion of their market base and their viewership is mobile first. But you can also open it up within a very short time on a desktop side and it took him forever and for threads, it's still taken. I don't know if there's any movement on probably there is movement on it. It's probably it's not I know it's not a All you have to do is just copy and paste some CSS and HTML easily. And it pretty much insults every web developer out there. I can see why it's taken a long time, but it's the simple fact to say that is the very sought-after feature, let's call it a feature of your app, so to speak.

I don't know why they're taking forever on it, but hopefully, it's on the top of the list for stuff that's coming up because they've been moving quite a lot of stuff coming in. All the improvements on the app. As I said, they had the for you page, your following tab, and a couple of other small things that are coming in. So they are actively working on trying to make it better and to appease the wide majority of the people that are using it. If you haven't used threads, I'm on it. You can. It's on the IndieCreator Hub. Hold on. I'm on threads. That's not what I wanted. Oh, yeah. I have it in the back here because it's still I haven't moved it up. Yeah. So I'm on threads at IndieBasementHub. I'm pretty much just going to keep that because that was also my with My Instagram account, which a lot of people at first, it's still the same way to where I believe they are. They are working on a situation or a scenario where you can separate your Threads account from your Instagram account because as it is right now if you close or deactivate your Threads account, it also does the same thing to your Instagram account. And a lot of people don't want that. They don't want to, you know, go on to threads. Yeah, this wasn't for me. Let me go ahead and delete my account. Oh wait, I deleted my threads, and my Instagram account too? What the hell? And they didn't want to do that. So at the moment you pretty much have to put your threads account into a sleeper mode and then just go back into your Instagram account and just do your Insta from there. So again, that's another thing that I hope is on the whiteboard and that a lot of things are being taken care of and that is soon to be followed suit by the desktop version. That would be quite nice to see. So if you enjoyed this video, go ahead and give me a thumbs up down below or, you know, a comment as well. Any emojis or any one-word text, anything. It's called engagement and it's a good thing. Look forward to it. But for them until next time.

I'll catch you guys later. Now, the reason why I do that is because I break these live streams into different videos that I can take and post onto the YouTube channel. So it's just more content. So if you didn't want to stick around for the entire live stream, at least you know you can. Oh, I'm just interested in what you had to say for threads. There's a video for that. I'll take what I talked about threads and post it up as a separate video.

Let's get started with our next topic. Our topic is Mastodon. Mastodon has been in pretty much the limelight since Elon Musk took over or was talking about taking over her Twitter late last year. And it had just continued to be inundated and the...popularity or I should not say the popularity, but the publicity of Mastodon has been continuing to grow. More and more people are learning about Mastodon and exactly what it is. Now, what Mastodon is, is that it's a decentralized social network. It's akin to Twitter but think of it as a macro blogging, microblogging, not macro, micro-blogging website. You can take...Small snippets of what you write within, uh, I think 500 characters is the limit and posted out to the Fediverse. Now what the Fediverse is, is like a conglomeration of different websites that can be talked or talking to each other. Think of it as an email. And let's say I have a Gmail account. I can send an email out to someone who has a Hotmail account or a Yahoo account, and they'll be able to read it and vice versa. It's the same process as the Fediverse that you don't have to be on a Gmail or a Mastodon social instance. You can still talk to and follow other people on other Mastodon instances, which is a great thing because it keeps everything decentralized. There is no central funnel or I should say central column of information and accounts and everything like that. 

So, it kind of breaks it out into small little columns that people can either start up their own or join one of the more popular ones that are out there. The most known, most widely known one is Mastodon .social. This is founded by the founder of Mastodon, the actual creator.

This is the instance that they created that everyone can pretty much join up. It's also the first one that you see when you go to Mastodon's website to learn more about and sign up with your Mastodon or get a Mastodon account. It's a little bit different than Twitter because what it is you're not signing up on a central hub, so to speak. You're signing up on an instance. That instance is available to be read and seen by other instances within the Fediverse. So a lot of people were kind of getting thrown off by that at the beginning and still do, is that the concept of multiple instances and signing up on an instance that is kind of foreign to a lot of people because we've been dealing or working with likes of like Facebook and Twitter for decades now. And people have grown up, have been born, and grown up with a centralized platform. So the kind of the seed that there is a decentralized, it kind of throws people for a loop. And it's like, I don't understand what's going on here, which, you know, it is very true. It can be very daunting to people who are not used to this kind of structure. And for the people who say, oh, it's just pick an instance. It's easy. It's like, you know what? Put them put yourself in their shoes. You don't know anything else. It's like, you're handed a hammer and say, go ahead, build a house. OK, yeah, you can build a house with a hammer, but you need a couple of other tools as well. You need knowledge to figure out how to build that house. So this is an effect. You need other tools, and other knowledge to figure out what an instance is. Creating an account on a single instance. Yes, you can move your account from one instance to another without any issues. 

I should say without Any major issue, but some people have come across a couple of problems and issues here and there. So I can't say for certain that 100 percent it's no problem. So a lot of people are getting hung up on that. And yes, they have come through, especially when Elon first took over Twitter. There is a huge rise of accounts being created and continuing spikes. Every single dumb boneheaded move that Twitter slash now X makes is more and more people either check out, create an account, use it, or get fed up, frustrated, and then go back to either X or some other place, or just give up entirely. That's another reason why people are getting fed up with Twitter because they don't want to go back. And for them, they don't see that there is any other place that they can go to, where they feel welcome then.

So with Mastodon, there are a lot of instances that are dealing with a wide gamut of interest. You have interest from, you know, anime fans, furries, LGBTQ, all the other way to right-wing and everything else in between. So it's kind of like, its instances cater to whatever desire or interests that many humans on this planet are capable of pretty much. I'm sure there's probably some alien instance as well. Somebody had created this for, you know, for the jokes. There's probably no joke. I probably think, oh, aliens are here. Let's make one for them. Yeah. So there are plenty of instances that people can check out that.

The issue is, again, the complex nature of it to many people in the population that have been dealing with Twitter and Facebook and the like and Instagram is that there's also the issue of these smaller instances being, well, let's put it bluntly, not good stewards of the sites or the landing, the stages that they control.

And then this begins, the question is that, do you trust the instance to be there? Because we've already had a couple of times where some admins have been inundated with hate speech and harassment, and they're doing this on their own time with their own money. These aren't people, you know, backed by multi-billion dollar funding. It's people like you and me who are taking a chance to set up an instance for the public and allow people to come in. But the problem is that with anything that's why we can't have nice things, right? It's like with anything, you have people that are the scum of the earth decided, you know, because they feel that.

I have no reason, actual reasoning why they feel that way. But let's just say this company comes in and harasses it harasses them. And this they decided, no, I'm done. The instance that they had thousands of people in it is pretty much again at the mercy of where do we go? Which instance do we go to? Or do we even continue using Mastodon? Do we go to another place? Do we go to threads? What do we do? So it's.

It's that fact that a lot of people are, I would say, not as trusting of a Mastodon instance as, let's say, Twitter. Call X. That's a stupid name. Stupid Elon. So that's the reason why a lot of people are looking for excuses. They could be very well good stewards and good users in your instance is just the fact that they have been through so much and they don't want to put their trust into something that can be easily taken away yet again. But they don't have control over their online social networking. So, Mastodon has this growing pains of, you know, it was at first when the first Elon spike happened it hit a lot of instances where everything was crashing because it wasn't designed or it was designed, but it wasn't built in a way to take on the millions of people that were flooding per second into these instances. And of course they were talking, they're all linked up to each other as well. So it's kind of like, Mastodon has to go through these growing pains. And it's a good thing that it's going through these growing pains because if it didn't,

We wouldn't know exactly what the stress factor to caused it to crash would be. We'd be sitting here as like, ah, totally blissfully unaware of what exactly is going on. And wouldn't know if all of a sudden we get hundreds of thousands of people coming in or millions of people coming in. And then again, it's just like, well, what do we do? Well, first of all, you don't panic. Put out the fires in the server.

Don't say this is fine and then get busy and fix stuff. So like I said, Mastodon has a lot of growing up to do and it's, it's been many years that it's been around, but it's just kind of like, it's a very niche thing. It's been its own small thing off in the side of the open source community and it's been enjoying the obscurity from the public eye because it's, you know, it's our little s**t.

It's our own little cool kids' table. Where at the time not many people knew about it. So we kind of enjoyed, you know, inviting people in that were interested in the open source and more privacy-focused. They say, hey, come check out, I have a Mastodon instance you might want to be interested in. They say, oh, okay, cool. Yeah, because I'm tired of Twitter. But then all of a like I said, the floodgates open yet again. It's another scenario where the floodgates have been pushed open from Twitter, people were just flooding into all these different instances and things crashing and breaking and people screaming and yelling and saying, I need help. I don't like this. This is new. I'm in danger.

So I can see within another couple of years, Mastodon, if it continues where the growth and the continuing interest from a lot of people, yes, not as many, but it's enough people are sick of what's been going on with the social networks and social media, so to speak, that, hey, I'll buckle down. I'll learn what I need to do to get into this Mastodon instance. I'll learn how to post up, put my post out, and start following hashtags and people that I'm interested in. Because there is no algorithm, which is a great thing. There are no ads. Only ads may be promoting their book or podcast, wink. or anything else, but you know, that's perfectly fine. That is just to know the open social network to get networking with other people that are interested in what your interests are. Let's say you're like photography, there are plenty of instances out there that are dealing in just photography or photography adjacent. So those are some places that you might want to check out and see for yourself if that is. what you're interested in and you what? You might find a new home. And it sure beats the pants off of Twitter. I guarantee you that. Guaranteed. But if you have anything that you want to contribute, if you know any other Mastodon instances that might be of interest to other independent creators or anybody else, go ahead, and put them in the comments down below when this video is out.

And also hit that thumbs up and the like and subscribe and I'll see you on the next video. Now, moving into another topic, we'll take a small little break here, and get some refreshments. Make sure you hydrate yourselves.

So, yeah, again, if you're just joining in, I do this live stream podcast, the independent creator, you know, a break up the topics I talk about into small videos that I go ahead and extract from the main live stream here and set them up as it is their videos on the YouTube and pure tube. I got to turn my mustache. Bugging the hell out of my nose.

You got one little hair. All right. So. Let's talk about Blue Sky here for a moment. Blue Sky is a brainchild of Jack Dorsey. If you don't know who Jack Dorsey was or is, he was the founder of Twitter at the beginning. He left Twitter or was ousted or, you know, whatever story that is. Before that, he was. he and a group of other people were working on this initiative, this project to create something that is a little bit more federation because it does not activity pub, it uses AT protocol. It's very similar. It's very similar to what Mastodon and the rest of the Fediverse work off of the activity pub protocol. But they decided. We're going to go to a different route and make our wheel. So that's what they did. They decided to do that. And as when the Twitter implosion continues and starts continuing some more, they are going on a different, not tangent, but different path in the social media journey. Right now, the only way you can get into the blue sky is by invitation. I know.

It's it's harkens to the early days of Google with Gmail, where the only way to get a Gmail account was by invitation. I can see how this would be a good thing, because not only does it limit the amount of people flooding into your servers, and your infrastructure, but you can have a more sustainable growth that you that the people up, let's the people on high. control the amount of people coming in at one time. So that is a good thing and also a bad thing because it kind of gives you that FOMO feeling where you're like, oh, I want to join. I want to do check out this blue sky, but you wouldn't have any invites. Nope. Okay. Or am I cool enough to get an invite? No, you're not cool enough.

I eventually was able to get an invite into Blue Sky and I've been working on it or using it for, oh, a month or two now. I want to say it's, it's just, it's interesting. It's very, very similar to how Twitter is and how it functions because again, it's made by Jack Dorsey and his crew. So they pretty much are like, you know what? Let's take what we've worked on before and make it the same but different. So that's what they did. And they decided to go ahead and do Blue Sky. Now, I'm not saying that this is a bad thing. It's just something different, something that, you know, is a different path where a lot of people that were first being pulled into it were journalists. Not celebrities. tech YouTubers and the like, people who are more adept at new up-and-coming technology and infrastructure and services that also have a large audience that they can start. promoting blue sky 2. So at the beginning, I think it was that there were some issues. This recently pretty much is that some issues with the racial names were being pushed through and it wasn't being taken care of quickly enough. And of course, the feeling of that is that the people who run Blue Sky weren’t doing their job and they weren't doing their due diligence and were not acting on and. donating these accounts that were doing this stuff. So a lot of people, especially in the people of color communities, the Hispanic and the black community, and of course also the LGBTQA, all those different communities, marginalized communities, they felt that blue sky was dropping a ball and they were not feeling that you know, their interests were at heart. and blue skies blue skies heart. That's an unfortunate thing because blue sky has a lot of potential. Yes, I can see that they could have especially recently, it's just as with threads opening up the doors to everybody's saying, you're leaving Twitter, come on in guys. The water is fine over here. The grass is green over here. They decided not to do that. I think that's to a detriment to them. Because the growth is extremely slow. Finding people that you follow is extremely hard or just to find people to people to follow is extremely hard. And it's just kind of, you know, it feels like it's it's an afterthought. It's not precisely on the front lines of the people who are running it, of getting it out there, getting it worked on to make sure that it's as good or better than Twitter. 

And I think That's going to be the downfall of Blue Sky, to put it bluntly. Excuse me. Is that just trying to work on this project and trying to make it as best as you can and taking your time is great and all? But in this day and age, if you are working on a project and you want that spark, that social commentary of people getting interested in your project. that you need to work quickly to get the first version out there. Yes, there might be bugs. If you worked on a project until the end of time to make it as perfect and eventually you say, okay, I can sit, it is Godlike. And you sit to the world and there are bugs because you as…in your infinite wisdom and try and make everything perfect. You missed something. So unfortunately, there is another project that I've been part of that is doing the same thing. It's like, you know what? Blue Sky, if you want, you got you got to get your name out there. You got to catch that fire. You have to get people's interest in you. Get them into the platform and have them work to get it. other people in there. But there's this, you know, digging our heels in and they were going to work on this till it's the best we can make it. Okay, that's that's your prerogative. It's your project. This don't come Christ Oh, we're gonna have to close down. No one wants to use this like well, that's because you missed so many opportunities. You're you're what's the name from Pirate's Out of Caribbean.

No, that's a completely different thing. Will Turner. No, you don't want to miss the perfect opportunity. And you just can't continue missing those perfect opportunities to release something into the world to get people's interest sparked and get your name out there. But Blue Sky has a lot of cool stuff. Like I said, it's very bare bones. It's exclusive issue that is going to be, I think, till the end of the year. I foresee that it's going to be till the end of the year. I think I'll continue to be the exclusive club that you'll need an invite to come in and enjoy the experience. Now, if you also need an invite, I have to I have a couple right now. So, uh, Blue Sky members get I believe it's every 10 days or every 12 days. invite code that they can send out to somebody. So there is a slow trickle of people coming in every single moment. So if you don't know anyone who has a Blue Sky code, I can come over to the Inner Creator Hub and I'll be posting up codes that are available to people once I get them in. So if you want to check that out, I have two right now at the time it is recording.

I'll have one in like a week or two. But if you have any other experience or anything like that with Blue Sky, let me know in the comments down below. And if you don't have anything to contribute, throw an emoji down there. It's an engagement and it helps out the video. It helps out the channel as well. Does anyone also help out with the channel? Signing up to That's right. We have our website. You can join in.

But that's the end of those three topics I wanted to talk about. A special guest appearance would be TweetDeck tonight. As I said, at the beginning of the show, 20 minutes before going live, I opened up my TweetDeck tab and I got hit with a big old You're no longer welcome here. Message. Here, I'll show you guys. So this is what you get. TweetDeck is a blue subscription only, which sucks. But you know what? That's going to be the end of Twitter for me. That's OK. TweetDeck was the last thing that was keeping me from or keeping me on Twitter because I could easily look at my differences. My different feeds, I had everything all setup, no ads. Everything was all laid out and easy-to-use columns like I have over at my Mastodon account. But now with this, where you have to be a blue subscriber, a verified phone number to use TweetDeck. So suck it, Elon. I'm not using your site anymore. And I'm not going, I mean, yeah, you can use the Twitter page.

You got your list, but I have to go to each one. And then I get, OK, I don't get ads yet, but it's a simple fact is like I don't get the simple, easy-to-use experience of quickly looking over my list. No, screw you, Elon. Goodbye. So, yeah, that was the. My experience today. tonight with a tweet, a tweet deck. It's just these small little, it's death by a thousand cuts, pretty much. It's death by a thousand cuts that is continuing to just to be destroyed. But you know what? Let him. He paid $44 billion and it's his right to do whatever he wants with Twitter or X. Stupid name. 

So. If you he's thrown out 44 or more than 40 billion dollars. But hey, it's his money. He can do whatever he wants with it. And for everyone that is still on Twitter, I'm sorry. And for those people who are paying for blue. Why? Just for the off chance that you might get paid through the ads stuff that they set up, you know what? Enjoy your twenty-five dollars. you're not going to get much if anything at all. And more than likely, it's not going to be anything at all. So it's just one of those small things that I was just, you know, I got tired of dealing with the Twitter nonsense. I'm like, you know what? That was it. Once Twitter, our tweet deck goes to paid only. I'm done. I'm walking away. It sucks because I do get some information there from, you know, the people are still on there that post-up information, but I just want to have to go. get the information from other means. I try and also look and see if I can do it let me pull it out here real quick I believe, I gotta open up Twitter once more. Go away blue. So if I do, see if I can put this into my RSS feed. If this is a roundabout way, yes, no, nope, nope. So Twitter is pretty much dead.

It's dead to me. I have my mastodon. I have threads. I got a blue sky. It is. It sucks, but it's the world we got to live in now. And that's what we have to deal with. But I also want to make a note before we go tonight if you guys have not checked out the website. It is at It's a blog post. Also going to be posting news feeds and stuff like that and videos of what I've been posting up on to YouTube on PeerTube and YouTube is go to Check it out. If you want to become part of the community are completely free to sign up for the free account. You click on the free one here. All I need is a name. You can give me a false name. Who cares? You give me Joe Bob. I don't care. and an email address. That's it. Sign up for the upcoming newsletter. I'm still working on getting that set up, but you can also have access to commenting on posts and member-only content. If you also want to help out the community and the channel, you can easily bump your account up to the support level at $ 4.99 per month. You get everything else that you previously would have got with a free account. Also supporting an independent creator, me, and the channel. Thank you.

And you also get an exclusive Discord section on our server. So if that is something that is of interest to you, definitely check it out at and love to see you join our community and especially help out other independent creators. That's why I do what I do here with the podcast of the Independent Creator Podcast and website, the blog post, Discord server, YouTube, and PeerTube channels. So definitely. Check it out and I'll see you guys the next time hopefully you have a good week and I'll catch you next week for some more fun interesting shenanigans that might happen over the week. Until then, have a good night and later taters.