Several New LiveSpace Updates

Several New LiveSpace Updates

LiveSpace continues to brings out new updates, seems like its every week or every other week. Let's take a look at the latest updates that came out so far for LiveSpace.


Wanting to connect your LiveSpace account with your favorite external apps are now possible thanks to LiveSpace bringing OAuth into the mix. They're also asking if you're wanting to develope for LiveSpace to email them at for API information.

Offline Info Editing

The great thing about live streaming platforms and services, are the ability to edit the stream title, category, and tags that are relavent to that particular stream. For the case of LiveSpace, you couldn't do that for a while until today. Now, you're able to set up the title, category, and tags before you go live. This is a great quality of life update that might appear to be small but, is huge for creators.

New Discovery

When looking through the categories of LiveSpace, one would see a large amount of live streams going on at the moment. With the new discovery feature within categories, you can now see the trending tags displayed above, next to the category name. This dynamic feature gives you, at a quick glance, the latest trending tags within that category.