New Beginnings, LiveSpace Pages, SharePlay Updates, Owncast App, And GoDot Searching.

New Beginnings, LiveSpace Pages, SharePlay Updates, Owncast App, And GoDot Searching.

Moving your entire workflow and content pipeline into something new is daunting, exciting, and terrifying. When I was going through and deciding whether this course of action would be best for me, I struggled a lot with what I was doing was the right thing. Looking back on the past few weeks led me to see that I was stretching myself a bit thin.

Running what was essentially two websites, two YouTube channels, and multiple social media feeds was leading me to a path that I would eventually find that I was no longer happy with creating content. So, the decision was made that I would bring everything into one house. Under one brand umbrella would not only afford me the time management in producing a better form of content but, one that I would have more confidence in doing.

This new newsletter format was one of those changes. Having been looking at other creators' newsletters and how they construct them gave me a lot of inspiration for how I did mine. I look forward to gathering the information and bits of knowledge for each week and putting it all together for you all to enjoy. I hope that you enjoy this new newsletter from me, and I look forward to what’s in store for the future.

Live Streaming Platform News

  • LiveSpace released an in-house alternative to LinkTree with their, Link-in-Bio page. This is a free auto-generated page that gathers the information from your LiveSpace profile. The cool thing is that it also displays your Fourthwall store, right in line. You just have to share your LiveSpace page with an “@” before your username. Here’s an example My LiveSpace page
  • SharePlay also released several new updates to their platform this past week. Enhanced Moderator Control: Streamline moderation with new roles like “manager.” New User Commands: Dive deeper with “/me”, “/poll”, and the unique “/shoutout” for brand highlights. Private Messaging & More: Introducing “/whispers” and our fresh take on raids, “blitz”. Discord Announcement Post
  • Owncast has a brand-new app that brings the directory page straight to your iOS device. Offering you to watch Owncast streams on your iPhone and iPad. Not only can you view these streams on your mobile device, but, you can now easily watch them on your AppleTV. The apps can be found in the App Store and downloaded to your devices. More information.

Creator Equipment News & Updates

  • Ecamm Live is rolling out more updates to the Beta line. Changes to the appearance of the Vertical Safe Zone option introduced in beta 6. Fixes an issue where some users could no longer access their business-managed Facebook Pages. Other minor fixes. There is probably not much more that will be added as Ecamm gets closer to the next release.
  • OBS 30.0.2 releases Fixed a CEF-related crash on macOS due to the application bundle naming PatTheMav
  • I know that Prism Studio for the Mac has been out for some time now. I’ll be installing it and putting it through its paces to see how well it functions for streaming on a Mac.

Shaping the Future of Digital Communities and Content

  • Lessons Learned in Building a Community
  • Explore Streaming Platforms, Find What Works
  • Content Creation and Finding Your Platform
  • Reflections on Trying Different Streaming Platforms
  • Building an Indie Creator Community
  • Multiple Domains and Future Episodes

Tid Bits of Note

  • The official Godot account on Mastodon recently posted that with their new Twitch account, they’re looking for Godot dev streamers to follow. GoDot Mastodon.
  • New update from Josh, the Community Manager of Orphan Age, due to a series of health concerns, the updates that were scheduled for January and early this month were delayed. A tentative late summer 2024 launch for early access to Orphan Age.
  • The Ubuntu Matrix home server went live recently.
There is still a lot of work to do, but we want to take a moment to thank the Ubuntu and Matrix communities for their great effort and dedication to this project. You can read more about it on this Discourse thread and, of course, you can now join our Ubuntu community from any Matrix federated server. A good start is the Ubuntu Community Space.
  • Took a look into two indie games this past week, Goldilock One: The Mists of Jakaire and Turlock Holmes. The hack-and-slash fantasy tech demo was in my opinion very short but, the brain-teaser puzzler did capture my attention more. Read the full rundown on the website here.


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