Warner Brothers Discovery Drops Games, LiveSpace QoL Updates, Shareplay Arrives In OBS.

Warner Brothers Discovery Drops Games, LiveSpace QoL Updates, Shareplay Arrives In OBS.

It never fails in which the beginning of the year always seems to be the time in which everything is shaken up. From continuing layoffs to games being removed from the Steam store by a large publisher.

The one thing that can remain a constant is you. The creator, to find a path in which you can find some sort of balance within this topsy-turvy world.

Live Streaming Platform News

  • SharePlay announced within their Discord server, that you will now be able to easily choose the service from within OBS.
  • OAuth is now available on LiveSpace, allowing you to connect your favorite external apps securely to your account. LiveSpace OAuth
  • Now you can also edit your stream title, category, and tags before you go live within LiveSpace
  • LiveSpace continues to knock updates this week. The discovery page will now show you trending tags within a category.

Creator Equipment News & Updates

  • Something that came out of the blue was Nikon acquiring RED Inc. Never thought that the cinema camera manufacturer would be taken over by one of the world’s greatest camera companies. Nikon Press Release
  • Break the fourth wall with Direct Messages. Engage with supporters, grow your community, and increase revenue through tips. Fourthwall DM's
  • AITUM HAS A PARTNER PROGRAM! We’re so excited to announce Bitz, Knightenator, BehavingBeardly, and ZuriSparks as Aitum’s first partners! Discord Link

Podcast Rundown

  • In this episode, the host explores the features and advantages of Guilded, a chat app that offers a range of options for free. The host compares Guilded with Discord and highlights the benefits of using Guilded, such as the availability of built-in bots and a variety of channel types. The host also discusses the challenges of migrating a community from Discord to Guilded and encourages listeners to give Guilded a chance. The episode concludes with updates on the 2TonWaffle community and an invitation to join.
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Tid Bits of Note

  • Next week, the United States House of Representatives will vote on a bill that could ultimately lead to TikTok being banned in the United States. Speaking to the press on Friday, President Biden voiced his support for the bill: “If they pass it, I’ll sign it.” Source
  • Warner Brother Discovery is set to remove all of the Adult Swim Games listings from Steam. Developers have been trying to get WBD to transfer but are being told there are no resources. Polygon
  • Tapbots is out with a new version of its popular Ivory for Mastodon client on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. With this week’s update, Ivory now supports quote posts for the first time. 9to5mac
  • Notifications are going out for pre-install Frostpunk 2 if you are a Game Pass subscriber.


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