Most Requested Feature For LiveSpace

Most Requested Feature For LiveSpace

There are many features that people have requested within the LiveSpace Discord server. Going to look through a few of these, and I might even agree with them all that these features are needed.

End stream after OBS stops transmitting.

From R0g3rw4bb17 -

I've seen happen on Livespace a lot and it seems like more like a bug than a feature because of someone comes to livespace and sees it, I think it's a bad look overall. A lot of streamers forget to hit "End" when their stream is done and a stream will technically look like it has kept running. I just saw a stream that went on for 61 hours but clearly the person who was streaming had already left their channel. It would be nice and better for the site as a whole, in my opinion, if this was fixed. Maybe have something in place where, if the streamer hasn't been transmitting from OBS for the last 5 minutes, that the stream ends. If a toggle isn't on, then once OBS stops transmitting after maybe 15 seconds, the stream ends immediately

They posted for LiveSpace to automatically end when there are no more encoding streams from OBS. Currently, the way to end a stream within LiveSpace is to go to your Now Live page and click on the magenta End button. I do have to agree that this is sorely needed. There have been many times when I forget to hit that button and realize the next day or so that the “stream” is still ongoing, many hours later.

Better Analytics on Dashboard

From Hadrael -

I'm sure it's on the way, but just wanted to make a post about it. Right now the analytics on the dashboard are not good and don't really give us any useful information. Here are some of my suggestions, I'd like to be able to look at stats over a selected amount of time and see: Average Viewers, Follows, Subscriptions, Time Streamed, Minutes Watched, and Impressions. I'd also like to see individual stats for streams and also stats for posts on the feed.

The one thing that I love from YouTube, is the massive amount of analytics that is available to you as a creator. I agree Hadreal in that I would love to see more analytics for our live streams, bounce rate, how long people watch a stream, clicks on links within our profiles, along with subs and follow rates.

VOD Embeds on Websites

From 2TonWaffle -

As VOD storage is being setup for LS+, it would be ideal to also include the option for our VODs to be embeddable on other websites and communities. This would provide the ability for us to share out our VODs elsewhere and further enhance the outreach of Live Space.

Yep, I agree :D

Be able to schedule posts on your profile

From OBG -

As a creator I schedule some of my content to be posted on FB/Twitter and Insta. It'd be great to have this feature on our profiles so we can auto post content and schedule things in advance?

This is great, nice to have a feature for the platform. It would be great to have several posts ready to go in the feed that is scheduled. This would be ideal as it would offer the creator another way that provide organization all within LiveSpace. Many of us already use Trello, Notion, or ClickUp to be organized. While this is true for most, it’s not that way for many others. To see LiveSpace offer some like scheduled posts would help out those that haven’t made that connection for organization.

Embed videos from Platforms other than YouTube

From Coreyartus -

Is there a possibility of enabling the YouTube link for sharing videos on posts to allow for other video platforms? I'm using a PeerTube instance as my archival video site now and would love to be able to share my speedpaint videos of artwork I've done during my LiveSpace livestreams from that site rather than YouTube.

This, so much this! There have been several times I wanted to share a great video into LiveSpace, only to find out I’m hitting that wall. I understand YouTube is the king of video hosting so, to have their links be a priority. Other places host videos like Vimeo and PeerTube and would love to have the ability to share content from them into LiveSpace.

There are many more

You can find many more ideas for potential features for LiveSpace, but I can’t cover them all in one post. The one thing you have to give LiveSpace is that can move and innovate faster than the incumbent. I would highly suggest you at least give LiveSpace a look into what it can offer for you as a viewer and even as a creator. Find more feature requests and join the community by visiting the LiveSpace Discord server by clicking [here].