More AI'ness, LiveSpace Continues Updates and Indie Game Releases.

More AI'ness, LiveSpace Continues Updates and Indie Game Releases.

Times are changing when more services are continuing to raise their prices. From Twitch getting into the boat like so many other services, content streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and even Crunchyroll have all joined in on the fun.

The one thing that many contact creators haven't foreseen as well is that the value of their content is dropping. Subscriptions being priced at the level they have been for the past many years have caused many creators to not step in line with inflation. For many, the $5 subscription is more in line with $4 or less. So, providing the same amount of work for much less profit. This is one thing that all of us should at least be concerned with. Diversifying our sources of income will help alleviate the pain if just one or two sources become insolvent. We have to be more mindful of not only where we stream or create content but, also our income as well.

Live Streaming Platform News

  • LiveSpace Cohosting is coming this year, as co-CEO Todd mentioned on T-days With Todd's live stream. It’s not right around the corner but, it’s this year. Emphasizing that they’re taking their time and want to do it right.
  • For the first time in quite some time, Twitch is raising the local sub-pricing in several countries. Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Turkey are the first round of these increases. During the announcement live stream, CMO Mike Minton was asked if the US would see an increase. His delayed response and potential yes summed up that more increases will come this year. Blog Post
  • For many streamers, LiveSpace teased and released the new Stream Dashboard. Now you can update your stream titles and category before going live. This included offline chat as well which is a great update.

Creator Equipment News & Updates

  • The Podcast hoster Transistor will be releasing an AI Transcript service later this month. Automatically transcribe your podcast audio, detect different speakers, and generate outputs in SRT, VTT, JSON, and TXT formats.
  • Bluesy is becoming more federated
Today, we’re excited to announce that the Bluesky network is federating and opening up in a way that allows you to host your own data. What does this mean?

Bluesky source linking

  • Instagram is testing out a new live streaming aspect for their mobile app. Some are seeing a selection for what game their playing and possibly with their viewers as well. Source

Elevating Your Creative Brand with Personalized Merch and Exclusive Content

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Tid Bits of Note

  • Indie game studio and publisher Monumental has entered another agreement to acquire mobile developer Game Circus. Games Industry Biz source
  • Please, Touch The Artwork 2. A handpainted cozy hidden object adventure. Explore a surreal world. Collect items for its quirky inhabitants. Fix damaged paintings and solve casual puzzles. Help a lost skeleton painter find his way home. This game is short but 100% FREE (no ads, no DLCs). Steam Store pagestudios
  • It’s always a good thing to see more independent studios come out from the combination of experienced game developers. “A team of game developers who have worked on various AAA titles such as Mass Effect, The Witcher, and Doom Eternal have unveiled Fun Dog Studios.” Source
  • Game Devs of Color Expo (GDoCExpo) has announced that its presentation will return for its ninth annual showcase. Source

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