Indie Wednesday - Goldilock One: Mists of Jakaire/Turlock Holmes

Indie Wednesday - Goldilock One: Mists of Jakaire/Turlock Holmes

Goldilock One: Mists of Jakaire/Turlock Holmes

Goldilock One: The Mists of Jakaire

Another round of games from Game Round and this time I’ve been diving into some puzzles and a hack and slash. These two demos offer a wide difference in style, mechanics, and genre. Let’s take a look into the first game, which was Goldilock One: Mists of Jakaire.

You got exiled without memory in a place full of criminals, an Action RPG in a Fantasy Sci-fi Open World where you can forge alliances with NPCs to join your party as playable characters experiencing different hack and slash combats and solve puzzles while exploring a stunning and dangerous world.

Starting up the game you are instantly given notice of what you’ll be experiencing with the demo. Being placed into a ranked challenge format that will consist of some mobs and a battle against a boss. The game will be an open-world action RPG so, we’re going to be presented with a small segment of the projected future game.

Going through the motions I’m already interested in the interactions between the main character and what I can only assume will be our digital guide. The back-and-forth between these two was pretty good and served as a short tutorial in getting used to the play mechanics. The low-level enemies proved to be no match, especially for playing in the easy mode. The boss battle required some general strategy to avoid its attacks and AOE. With certain elements missing as I can only assume are power-ups and shields, would be able to be more aggressive in the attacks. The demo ends after defeating the boss which in the end makes one want more.

  • music is alright for what little that we have within this demo.
  • The art style is reminiscent of Borderlands or what I would assume was inspired by. Didn’t distract from the game itself and lent itself as its look.
  • The game mechanics seemed right. Without access to the rest of the power sets, shields, and other weapons, can’t say too much about it.
  • The enemies when defeated resorted to a way I assume to be a general t-pose as they quickly went through a death animation. I’m sure this is going to be taken care of.

Goldilock One: The Mists of Jakaire Steam Store Page

Turlock Holmes

Switching gears from the hack and slash into more of exercising my brain, Turlock Holmes did that.

A detective narrative puzzler without pre-set options! Raise your questions at will, and an AI-host will answer only with 'yes' or 'no.' Drive the investigation with your curiosity; the path to solving the mystery lies in questions you ask. Can you dig out the truth through your questions?

The first run of the game you are put into this story of mystery. There is the main game itself in which you have to decipher stories to find out what it is actually about. Turlock Holmes offers you several ways in which you can reveal the story and there isn’t a wrong way about it either. You could ask Turlock questions concerning the investigation at hand but, they only respond in yes or no. For me, I went with what I would refer to as the Worldle method. Guessing the letters and their positions to find out the word. This might not have been the best course of action but, for me, it at least gave me that feeling of achievement in solving the investigation.

Each investigation starts with a short story that gives you a flavor of what it is about. It then will become a board that is majority covered by different colored paper. With the red paper being a core word. There is blue, white, and yellow paper which represent different levels of core relation. As you work through the investigations letters will start appearing on the slips, giving you subtle hints to help you out. The investigations are a great part of the game and concerning one of them, flipped the script in what I thought it was going to be.

  • The art style is perfectly fine for the game. Turlock’s design is cute and their interactions were fun and not one to be snark.
  • The investigation stories were a lot of fun to work through in uncovering them. The tone can be dark but, that’s the fun of it.
  • The music I had found to be somewhat repetitive in some cases but, while focusing on the investigations it did seem to fade into the background. It was only in the main menu where you would notice it.
  • Wasn’t too sure what the other story was about. Was it the overall story of the game? Not entirely sure but, you could begin to work through it.

Turlock Holmes Steam Store Page