Gathering Platform Integrations

Gathering Platform Integrations

With new and upcoming platforms, the one hurdle to get over is to release an API. This allows third parties access to your platform to extend the functionality of what each live streamer on your platform can offer to their viewers. From chatbots that provide timers for promoting your Discord or a promo code for a partner you're involved with. Adding a tab into your channel page to show off your merch products from places like Fourthwall.

All of this is possible from the platforms opening up some of their systems to these outside sources. What I'm attempting to do is to gather these integrations for LiveSpace, Owncast, and Shareplay. Using our forums as the place for this dynamic thread for creators to find these products all within an easy-to-find place. Community members within the forums can add items that I've missed from the onset all within the same thread. Those missing items will then be added to the first post to increase the exposure for these services further.

For LiveSpace

LiveSpace Integrations
Going to work on gathering a dynamic listing of the available integrations for use within LiveSpace. This can be chatbots, third-party integrations, and anything else that can help bring interactivity to a streamer’s channels. If you know of anything that is missing from this list, please replay in this thread and I’ll add It to the first post. Chatbots: Botrix - Third-Party: Fourthwall - Alerts: Streamlabs - Ove…

For Owncast

Owncast Integrations
Will be working on collecting the integrations that are available for streamers using Owncast. This is a dynamic thread and so if I am missing anything, please post in this thread and I’ll add it to the first post. Integrations: Owncast Tip Jar - Glitch :・゚✧ Emoji Wall - Glitch :・゚✧