From Twitch to Podcasting: My Evolution as a Content Creator

From Twitch to Podcasting: My Evolution as a Content Creator

Tonight's episode of the Independent Creator Podcast features a discussion about my journey as a content creator, including the various platforms and tools I've used. I started as a broadcaster on Twitch under the username Schroedemberg, focusing on family-friendly content. Later, I explored Mixer after Microsoft's acquisition and joined a group called The Shed, but eventually, Mixer shut down.

I then transitioned to podcasting with "Beyond the Veil," discussing the game Secret World Legends. After that project ended, we created "The Zero Point Report." For broadcasting, I switched from TeamSpeak to Discord and now use Ecamm for streaming. I also changed my persona from Schroedemberg to Two Ton Waffle, focusing on indie games and creating a video series called "The First Two Hours."

Regarding platforms, I've tried many, including Trovo and Glimmish, but found issues with their management or implementation. Currently, I'm looking at LiveSpace, which offers community features and revenue opportunities for creators, though it needs more promotion to attract viewers.

For tools, I've used OBS extensively but have moved to a two-PC setup with Ecamm on Mac, which simplifies live streaming and content creation. I recommend OBS for beginners due to its free and open-source nature, and Prism Live as another option. However, I advise against Streamlabs Desktop because it's resource-heavy.

In conclusion, I shared insights on various streaming services and software, emphasizing the importance of finding what works best for you as a content creator.