Forums, Discord, Guilded, Oh My

Forums, Discord, Guilded, Oh My

Josh, the host of the Independence Creator podcast, discusses how online communities have evolved from forums to modern platforms like Discord and Guilded. He emphasizes the importance of these communities for content creators and their audiences, noting that forums used to be a key resource before social media took over. Despite this shift, he believes forums still offer valuable searchable content, unlike centralized platforms like Reddit.

He explains that while free forum software like PHBB and MyBB exist, their development has slowed due to decreased interest in forums. Paid options like Zenforo offer better customer service and continuous updates but at a higher cost. Josh notes that owning a forum gives you control over your community, unlike using third-party platforms where policy changes could affect your community's existence.

Discord is highlighted as a popular choice due to its familiarity among users and ease of starting a community without upfront costs. However, Josh points out that information within Discord is not easily accessible outside the platform, limiting its visibility on search engines.

Guilded is presented as an alternative to Discord, offering many features for free that Discord charges for, such as animated emotes and high-quality voice chat. Guilded also allows for better organization with groups and provides some external visibility through blog posts.

Josh mentions Matrix as an open-source, privacy-focused alternative to Discord and Guilded. It offers encrypted rooms and various features, but like other platforms, it keeps information within a walled garden, making it less visible to the wider internet.

In conclusion, Josh encourages content creators to explore all available platforms, considering their community's needs and the level of control and visibility they desire. He invites listeners to join the Indie Creator Hub community and consider supporting the channel.