Apple Arcade Losing Faith in Indie Games?

Apple Arcade Losing Faith in Indie Games?

I have to admit when Apple first released Apple Arcade, it was a place I could see being fully integrated with the AppleTV device, which has, to include games from all genres and to cater to all ages. The service is perfectly set up to bring a new generation into those quick-to-play games that don't require you to spend countless hours to enjoy.

Unfortunately, the experience behind the scenes seems to have been souring over the years, and game developers are finding that the tech giant is not putting as much attention into growing Apple Arcade as it once was. For indie game developers, at the beginning, the upfront payouts were pretty generous. Of course, one could expect that the money train would eventually fade, or disappear altogether, especially if you are a small indie game studio.

Inside Apple Arcade: axed games, declining payouts, disillusioned studios – and an uncertain future -
Apple’s game subscription service seems to be on auto-pilot after the tech giant “cancelled a shitload of projects and pissed off a lot of people,” our sources say. And now there are whispers of another reboot.
Multiple sources have voiced their concern for Apple Arcade’s future, citing a glut of cancelled projects and ever-declining developer payouts.
One developer said there was the “the smell of death” around the service – though others suggested there are now whispers of (another) reboot for the service.

The problem is that the industry and with that the general public don't see Apple as a place for gaming. It's been decades of missed opportunities to change that perception. Gathering full steam ahead in catering towards the professional, artist, or even the filmmaker areas, gamers never saw themselves as being indirectly involved with Apple. Embracing the PC market with Windows becoming the gaming space for everyone. It's only just recently that Apple has been trying to maneuver itself into gaming with Game Mode. Using what is essentially a forked version of Proton for Linux, Apple needs to make this push into gaming a serious initiative.

With Apple Arcade being something organic that casual players can enjoy, Apple must decide if gaming is going to be an element within its ecosystem, the time to do this is now. Cloud-based gaming is becoming a new field that gamers are starting to get on board with. We see the success with the Xbox Game Pass gaining traction, and Amazon's Luna tying into the Amazon ecosystem with playing and even buying games. Netflix has been getting its feet wet in the cloud gaming space, so if Apple wants to even get to be part of the cloud gaming, they have to buckle down and truly get serious with gaming.